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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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Advertising Brief
1. Set the advertising marketing campaign objective
To Project the restaurant La zone as a new alternative of healthy food, with a personalized service that satisfies the needs of people who day by day have less time to search and find healthy food to also take care about their shape and health

Communication objectives: What’s the target audience? What to aim for(inform, persuade, remind)?
The campaign will be directed to people between 25 and 35 years old, who dispose of high and medium incomes, located in the stratus 5 and 6 of the el poblado y las palmas neighbourhoods in Medellin, specially for VIP users of the most exclusive gyms, spas, clubs and for executives in those sectors. They are jocks, vain, and people who think about well being, andfurthermore who enjoy the authentic gourmet food.
The main objective of the campaign is to inform the target audience about a new alternative in the restaurants, which consists in spreading the healthy food concept in people and create at the same time an interest and invite them to know this new and innovative option that besides offers a personalized service and other characteristics alreadymentioned, making "la zone" as attractive that nobody could resist to try it

Sales objectives: How many units? How much sales money?
La zone expects to sell about 100 plates daily, each one with an average value of $25.000, having 3000 plates per month totaling 75’000.000 sales per month.
2. Establish the advertising campaign budget
Afordable aproach.
The capital for the launch campaignis 50’000.000. that will be distribute in this way:
-magazines and news papers 15%
revista nueva
-different campaign into the gyms 40%
-advertisement in shopping malls and clubs 20%
-advertisement in spas, and esthetic clinics 5%
-launch event 15%
-Others 5 %
Also we will make agreements with gyms, clubs and spas, to give their special customer discounts, and free dinners, changing itfor discounts and free advertising.
Determining product’s life cycle, the market share, % of sales
In the introduction life cycle of “la zone” the market share is not going to be too big, cause , we will be focus in the defined target market, the main goal of “la zone” is to make those people loyal customers, giving them the best service, and all the things that were promised in thecampaign. Later when the restaurant reach the growth stage of its life cycle, the costumers will also grew because of the reputation reached by the restaurant, the advertising campaigns, and different promotions. The 5% of the sales will be used on advertisement campaigns. In the maturity La zone could know its failures and will work on them for still giving a good service to the consumers, innovate, andstay in the market. The market share and the sales will increase little by little, because every day more people know that eating the enough calories balancing the proteins, flours and vegetables and also combining it with sport, they are helping their heath.

Competitive parity (competition)
The competitive parity is high because LA ZONE will be located in and strategic place, between gyms,and spas, shopping malls, and important companies, the costumers are people from high status, the most of them are worried about how they look like, and the most important thing is that today’s alimentary trends are showing that people is eating healthier because the life styles are quicker and they have less time to eat at home.

3. Develop the advertising strategy
What’s themessage?
-LA ZONE, the difference is feeding yourself and give to your body what it needs.
-pleasure without faults, that’s what la zone gives to you
-We are specialized, your alimentation will be on the best hands.
Identify the product`s benefits
LA ZONE has a set of added value characteristics which would let to personalize the service, thus, our customers would have the enough trust for...
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