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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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The reality

Advertising has become a cultural phenomenon of our contemporary society. Most of the time advertizing is the common way for us to hear newinformation. This is a positive thing only if the information is accurate and complete. These companies have the right to advertise whatever, wherever, and however theywant. Do you think the information that they give us is completely accurate and contain the positive and negative points of it? Some of the companies are justinterested for the money and they are capable of lying or even hide information. It this is ethical? Parker made an argument about how people are deeply suspicious aboutadvertisers. His allegation about how we as a costumer know most of the time the advertiser tricks is wrong. I think while some of the costumers know about it, stilla lot of them that are susceptible to be easily influenced by their lies and have a big chance to believe them and buy their products. We as a human beings have theright to be treated with respect and reality. Making us buying something without telling us the other side of the story should be wrong. What about the peoplethat can get harm? Who is protecting them? What about the beauty commercials? They use these incredible skinny beautiful models that make you think if you use theproduct you are going to look like them. This kind of commercial can make a 17 year old girl feel ugly and fat to the point that she can get mentally and physicallyharmed. I know advertizing is a big part of our economy and give us a lot of helpful information but still can be done without hurting or lying to the costumers (us).
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