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B: Boy!!! Today is a very hot day.
S: Yeah!! Because today is a sunny and a lot of- sports- environment day.
M: In there itis more hot boys.
B: Oh Gosh!! We have a very long line here.
S: Yes, It is Bu its advancing fast.
M: Somebody of you canbuy me my ticket please
B: Of course yes. What part do they go to? Chair, shadow or sun
S: I go to sun, because it is morefun there.
M: I was planning to go to shade, on second thought I will go with you to sun.
B: I go to sun also and it is moreeconomical.
S: Who do they believe that he win the game? Vida or Victoria
M: I believe that Victoria is going to win.
B:Vida is going to win because it is the best team in the world.
S: Really? Do you think that?
M: I do not believe it, becausevictory is the best.
B: Ok. We are going to see who the is best
S: Victoria is going to win
M: Victory is going to cause ahigh number of goals to him to Vida
B: No way!!! Let's go guys, the line is advancing. By the way, my name is Byron.
S: Niceto meet you. I’m Saul.
M: Nice too meet you guys. My name is Marbella. What do you do?
S: Well!! I work on my own business inthe city of San Pedro Sula.
M: I am a teacher of a kindergarten.
B: Ok. Boys the moment of truth have come. Let's see the game.
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