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KARLA: Hi vero!! Long time no see
VERO: Yes, how was your life?
KARLA: fine, I got married 3 years ago, im a president of a companyVERO: What company?
KARLA: I work in bancolombia, I travel a lot because I have a lot of bussines. And how was your life?
VERO: let me tell youthat your life is great cause my life it haven’t been good. Cause I got married the first time 5 years ago. I divorced 1 year later because myhusband fighted me. I had 1 children with he.
KARLA: OMG I think it was terrible for you, im sorry vero. And what about your job
VERO: myhusband would not let me work
KARLA: why?
VERO: Because he is very MACHISTA
KARLA: So, what do you do now days?
VERO: He is in jailKARLA: Damn. And how long time have you been in the jail
VERO: 3 Years ago.
KARLA: Are you married now?
VERO: Yes, I got married again 2years ago with an Italian man. And I have a son with him
KARLA: That’s great. Are you work now?
VERO: I would like to work but at this moment ima homemaker
KARLA: Can I help you?
VERO: Thanks karla, but I cant cause my husband works to travel around the world and I have to take caremy 2 childrens
KARLA: If you want you can works in my company
VERO: Thanks karla I need talk with him and then I will call you and give youthe answer
KARLA: OK vero no problem, I am happy seeing you. Take care bye.
VERO: ok karla thanks for everything, call you later bye
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