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The Internet and World Wide Web are a fantastic resource for finding and sharing information. The Web contains literally billions of web pages containing information about every topic imaginable.However we need to take care when using the Internet to look for information, or to send information...

Reliability of Information

The Internet and Web are not regulated - there is noorganisation that controls who can create web pages or what those pages can contain. Anyone can create web pages and say anything they want to.

In many ways this is a good thing. It means that corruptorganisations or governments, who have always been able to hide details of their activities, are no longer able to do so. When bad things happen, people write about it on the Web and the world gets toknow, and hopefully do something about it.

But it’s also a bad thing. It means that people or organisations can easily spread lies and hatred. There are thousands of websites containing bigotedviewpoints, and thousands more that are full of information that is biased, inaccurate, or just plain wrong.

So... how do you know which web pages to believe, which information to trust?
• Checkseveral sources of information (go to lots of different websites). If they all say them same thing, it is likely to be true
• Stick to websites that belong to trusted organisations. If thewebsite address ends in (the UK government site) it is more likely to be reliable than one like
• Look at the spelling and grammar used. Reliable websites are usuallychecked for errors. Too many spelling errors mean it’s probably not to be trusted.

When you are using the Web to research your homework, do you just use the information on the first website youfind?

If you do, you could be making a big mistake! How do you the information is correct? Why should you trust it?

Keep searching and see if other websites agree.

Always double-check the...
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