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  • Publicado : 16 de agosto de 2012
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Opinion Essay: Betray

My topic is betray, and i believe that betraying is a very awful actionbecause you trust someone in something and that person do a thing that he said he wouldn’t do.
A example in the book is when Nigel had a relationship with Pandora and NigelKnew that Adrian was in love with Pandora, he betrayed Adrian.
We all betray, some betrays are more significative than others for example when Adrian’s mother betrayedAdrian’s father with Mr. Lucas is more important than when Nigel betrayed Adrian with Pandora because Adrian’s mother was Married with his father and Nigel had only a relationship withPandora.
When you betray someone, depending of the magnitude you can lose instead of the one who you betrayed because that person is going to tell everybody that you aren’ttrustful and no one is going to talk to you because they are afraid that you tell everybody his/her secret, or they are going to be angry with you for betrayer. If you betray then youwill be kind of alone or sad. A very popular example of betray it has to be with Jesus. Judas betrayed Jesus because he said to the roman where Jesus was (the roman wanted to killJesus because they had fear that the Christianism take away their power). Betray is very different from ‘warn’, because if you are being bothered and you warn the teacher but youdon’t betray your classmate, but if someone tells you a secret and you sweard you wouldn’t tell and you tell someone, that is betraying.
So my conclution is that betraying ishorrible and awful but some betrays are more important than others, is very different to betray your girlfriend than betray a classmate for throwing a paper or something like that.
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