Affirmative action

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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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Affirmative action
Affirmative action in universities allowed educational institutions to consider race as a factor in admitting students, but ruled that strict point systems are unconstitutional.Affirmative action is a resource which provides some ethnic groups, minority groups, which throughout history for one reason or another have been displaced or out of society or some access to certainuniversities which gives them certain facilities to compensate for what happened in the past.
The affirmative action, what kind of justice we are talking about? To answer this question it isnecessary to resort to the classical Aristotelian distinction between distributive justice and corrective justice or rectifying. The Aristotelian concept of corrective justice is neither appropriate noruseful to justify affirmative action. First, because affirmative action involves a form of compensation between indeterminate group of people, as opposed to a compensatory action between individuals.Second, because affirmative action does not require that the party required to pay compensation has committed a crime. And third, because in case of restitution for historical damage inflicted to certaingroups, it is possible that restitution be paid to equal (in quantity or kind) worth of damage that was inflicted, so as to restore the status quo ante, which is the distinguishing characteristic ofcorrective justice or rectifying of Aristotle. The University of Dayton gives a good example of the importance of affirmative action in universities.
The University of Dayton fallows the affirmativeaction. Like many universities the University of Dayton is among those who strive for open-mindedness and inclusivity. Diversity and inclusiveness at UD are ranked among the highest priorities of itspresidents strategies. The results can be seen by simply walking around campus and talking to any of the students in attendance. Many policies and mandates have been written affirming the future goals...
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