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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2011
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Social problems
A variety of social ills are common in Afghanistan, such as poverty, interethnic strife, inequality of women, and widespread thievery, kidnapping, and banditry. The civil warstrengthened these tendencies to the point where little travel was safe in the country without an adequate supply of money to buy safe passage. The civil war killed, wounded, and displaced hundreds ofthousands of civilians.
Today, the Aga Khan, along with the presidents of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, is working to build a region-wide educational institution to train local men and womenin the skills essential for economic and social development.
These are some points or opinions to have a successful development: First, Afghanistan will need a government. To be acceptable, a newregime in Kabul must meet four conditions: First, it must represent the entire country and not just one or a couple of its many ethnic groups. Second, it must be out of the terrorism business. Third, itmust be committed to wiping out the opium. And fourth, it must meet some minimal international standard of human right.
Politics problems

Level of poverty

Official statistics show thatAfghanistan has the highest level of poverty among the South-Asian countries.

Major languages:
Major religion:
Life expectancy:
Monetary unit:
Main exports:

(and largest city) | Kabul
34°31′N 69°08′E |
Official language(s) | Dari (Persian) andPashto [1][2] |
Demonym | Afghan [alternatives] |
Government | Islamic republic|
 -  | President | Hamid Karzai |
 -  | Vice President | Mohammed Fahim |
 -  | Vice President | Karim Khalili |
 -  | Chief Justice | Abdul Salam Azimi |
Establishment |
 -  | FirstAfghan state[3][4] | October 1747  |
 -  | Independence | August 19, 1919  |
Area |
 -  | Total | 647,500 km2 (41st)
251,772 sq mi  |
 -  | Water (%) | negligible |
Population |
 -  |...
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