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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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WEEK 4 (21st-24th August)
Topic: Political Systems and the State
Question: What are the main characteristics and sources of power/legitimacy of the State in Africa?

The maincharacteristics of power and legitimacy are indeed based in corruption by the economic and politic endroit. According to Bayart, the outside influence and inside corruption. Like some, according to AnIntroduction to Africa’s Politics when talking about Zaire-Mobutu’s vampire state there was not only a Mafia yet a dictatorship.

Power was constantly changing in Africa. In the past, the spread of armedconflicts and manipulation by part of the superpowers was the source of power along with violence, forced labor and casualities. Dictatorships were an important time in history from which Africancountries have learned, even then there was government militia and armed groups that disposed of the power. With the past of time, dictatorships have evolved and the government, as it is, capitalist has givefreedom in the personal economic relations, which opens vibrantly the source power of corruption. Mafia, traffic of drugs has created a respect in between African countries relating to the routes oftraffic and the countries with more or less traffic of drugs.

Africa was thought of to have a ruling that remained constant in ages due to tradition and culture. Yet studies have shown that theirruling was continually changing and developing new strategies of ruling. One of the most common source of power was the spread of armed conflicts and the manipulation of the axes power. The source ofthe arms was probably led by the conquerors than even after the independence they remained in contact.

The introduction to capitalism in Africa led to corruption and illegal entrepeneurs. Thetraffic of drugs created an illegal raise of economy and a development in labor. As well it created a respect in between countries. The respect is constructed depending on the amount of traffic that each...
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