After life-gary soto

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  • Publicado : 14 de febrero de 2011
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The Afterlife
by Gary Soto

Why did Yellow Shoes kill Chuy?
This book is called the Afterlife. Its about a 17 year old boy named Chuy.1 Chuys real name is jesus he was named after his father andwas given the nickname Chuy by his friends that he went to Fresno High with.2 Chuy is a high school student who considers himself as an average boy.3 It was friday night and Chuy was getting ready togo dance with Rachel.4 Chuy was at a club with Angel he was going to meet Rachel because he wants her to be his first love.5 That night Chuy was going to ask Rachel to be his girlfriend.6 He wasbrushing his hair in the bathroom when a boy with yellow shoes came in.7 As he was combing his hair he was happy to see the guy next to him with yellow shoes.8
Yellow shoes is tall, he has "sharp frontteeth, narrow eyes, his hair is slicked back oily, and he has the mean face of a teenage rat.9 Given how Fausto (his boss) treats him, he was probably in a bad mood when he went into the bathroom atthe club.10
Chuy complimented the boy by telling him his shoes were nice. Yellow shoes took it the wrong way, he thought Chuy was being funny and making a smart remark.11 Yellow shoes put his armaround chuys neck, pulled a knife out of his pocket and stabbed him three times. Yellow shoes got close to Chuy and said, "What did you say to me, cabrón?".12 Chuy felt his body jump and shake and then hewas dead.13
Fausto is yellow shoes boss in a way. In a way that yellow shoes steals bikes and Fausto sells them.14 Fausto is fat, he has a belly as big as a slab of meat.15 He dropped out of schooland has a tooth missing in the front.16 Fausto bullies people around and is used to people being scared of him.17 Fausto treats yellow shoes very bad, he bosses him around and yells at him. He toldhim his shoes were silly. Fausto asked yellow shoes "how come you wearing those sissy shoes".18
Yellow shoes probably thought that chuy was trying to tease him or make fun of him when he said he...
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