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Security threats at home and overseas were getting out of hand. And it only takes two men to stop them – at a price. Caught between being a contractor and a soldier, Rios and Salem proved to be indispensable in the battlefield. They have completed missions that were considered impossible by others. They executed each mission flawlessly and with deadly efficiency. It doesn’t matterhow many adversaries they faced; together they are unstoppable. Together they are the Army of Two.

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Author’s note
Hello guys and welcome again to another walkthrough of mine. This time, I’ll be covering a 3PS (Third-person shooter). It’s actually a first for me, since my forte is with RPG games and Ace Combat. This will be my fourth guide for a 360 game in PDF format, of course. I wrote this guide after I finished the game and aftercollecting the intel briefcases. Apparently, once you collect them in your playthrough, they won’t reapper anymore on your future playthroughs. I will just include screenshots of their locations, based on memory and other sources. If you have questions, suggestions and additional tips you would like to add, kindly refer to the credits page for my contact email add or my official homepage. This guideis distributed FREE and can be downloaded in major gaming sites I usually contribute to. I don’t request for payments but if you are generous enough to pitch in a dollar or two to support my projects, I would greatly appreciate that. ~~Paul Vhayste

Bootcamp - Basics
Since you and your partner are the only ones between oblivion and a hell lot of enemies, sometimes you’ll need to flankthem to efficiently overcome the opposition. This is where Aggro kicks in. The player with the most aggro gets the enemies’ attention. This makes the other player practically invisible. Don’t think this is just one way of defeating enemies; it’s the only way to survive a firefight against an army.

Firing at enemies normally builds up aggro. Carrying a hostage, a heavier weapon or manning to theturrets gives you an automatic aggro boost. Aggro is essential for playing tactically and strategically. The player on aggro turns fiery red and becomes the target of enemy fire while his partner enters ‘stealth’ mode. This is a great way to strike enemies from behind while the other player creates a diversion. In single player campaign, its always a good idea for your partner to act as a decoy.Putting him on Aggressive Hold will prompt him to take cover while blind-firing at enemies. You can then safely move around the enemies to get a vantage point to your advantage. Remember that your partner will keep shooting at enemies even if his health is low. Order him to ‘Passive Hold’ for him to stop shooting, rest and regenerate his health. More of these commands will be discussed later on....
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