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Writing an Essay

When a student gets home and checks for the homework, there’s usually an essay due the next day. Rapidly the student realizes he only has a day to do it and it isn’t enough.Surely an essay is not to start and finish in one day. It has to be done in time for it to be done correctly. It’s quite normal that when someone wants to start writing an essay, their mind can go blankor have absolutely no idea what to write about. That’s why there are easy basic steps of the writing process.
All kinds of essays use the same steps for writing. The first step is to choose a topic.Sometimes the teachers can give out the topic or you can choose it. The second step is to understand what you are going to write about and from there, develop the content structure you need. Thethird step is brainstorming. When writing an essay, we can get a little worried or even scared to mess up. That’s why we must explore the topic and our ideas by free writing. After the free writing, thefourth step is to start a general outline of the essay with the main ideas you can include in the introduction and body paragraphs. Later on the fifth step, it is a good time to start the first draft.At this stage we should remain without worries or pressure of making a perfect essay on the first try. At this point we can also discover new ideas that can help enrich the topic. In the sixth step weshould learn to take a breather. It is recommended to stay away from the writing for a while because it allows you to regain a clear and objective perspective. Also ask others to read the essay forfurther opinions. The seventh step is to reread and check the essay. It is a good idea to write about two to four drafts before arriving to the final one. At this stage, the essay might need a littleimprovement, so it’s ok to make big changes. Around the eighth step it is best to hear what others think about the writing. The last step is to add the finishing touches to the essay. We should check...
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