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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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Adding your newsletter
If your blog or website offers subscription via email, an additional place to find subscribers is within the Facebook network. Fans that stumble upon yourpage, or are invited by others may want to add themselves to your subscriber list directly from you page, without visiting your site. Using the code that your newsletter provider gaveyou, you can easily create a newsletter tab with a subscribe box. Whilst this isn’t strictly FBML (its just HTML) – its an easy way to increase your reach and exposure on the cheap.FBML needed. Something similar to below. This is what I’m using folks.

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Include Sharing With Friends
One of the main benefits of being on theFacebook platform is the ability for viral sharing to take place amongst participants in the network. To encourage your business page to be shared with others you can implement a Facebook“multi-select” box, all within the static FBML box. This will loop through the current users friend list, allowing them to select who they want to share the fan-page with when theyclick send. You might want to put this under a “Spread the word” type tab to increase your reach.

Update. Some people have reported problems with this code. From what I can remember,it worked previously – so unless FB have changed things. Anyway – I’m using the below successfully now. Don’t for god’s sake copy and paste, examine the code, and type it exactly.WordPress makes a mess of single quotes which won’t work inside Facebook. I will get around at some stage to ammending this, but for now take care and try and understand what you areusing. If all else fails, consult the Facebook documentation, or leave a comment here, which I’m more likely to respond to. I’ll not be replying to personal emails asking for help.
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