WHAT IS A HOUSEHOLD WATER AUDIT? A household water audit is an assessment of how much water is used and how much water can be saved in the home.Conducting a water audit involves calculating water use and identifying simple ways for saving water in the home. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CONDUCTING A WATER AUDIT? Conducting awater audit can help you save money by reducing your home water bill (and sewer bill if you are connected to a public sewer system). Conducting a water audit will make you aware of howyou use your water and help to identify ways you can minimize water use by implementing certain conservation measures. It is possible to cut your water usage by as much as 30 percentby implementing simple conservation measures and without drastically modifying your lifestyle. HOW DO I CALCULATE WATER USAGE IN MY HOME? It is important to realize that water usethroughout the year often varies with the season. Most people use more water in the warmer months for gardening, washing cars, and other outdoor uses. If you conduct your water auditin the winter or fall, you should still consider the additional water you use in the summer months. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) estimates that the average indoor wateruse per person is 94 gallons of water per day; this does not take into account outdoor water use (watering lawns, washing cars). Calculating Water Use From Your Water Bill If youobtain water from a community water system, you probably receive a water bill that tells you how much water you use. Many water utilities provide customers with bills that containinformation regarding the amount of water consumed and average daily consumption during the billing period. If the average daily consumption is not provided, you can calculate it by [continua]

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