Aguas jabonosas

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Health facilities, are designed to remove the buildings safely, though not necessarily financial, sewage and rainwater, and to establish hydraulic seals or traps to prevent odors and gasesproduced by decomposition of organic matter hauled, go where you use the bathroom fixtures or floor drains in general.
Facilities, health, must be designed and built primarily, trying to make themost of the qualities of the materials used, and installed in the most practical way possible, so as to avoid constant and unwarranted repairs, providing low maintenance, which consist of normaloperating conditions, to give the required periodic cleaning through the records.
This means that regardless of which design and build sanitation facilities in a practical way and to some extent economictimes, do not forget to meet hygiene needs and also the efficiency and functionality than those required in construction Current and planned and executed in strict accordance with the provisions of theCode and Health Regulations, which are what determine the minimum requirements to be met to ensure the smooth operation of particular facilities, resulting in an optimal service networksgeneraldrainage.
Although universally to waters are known as evacuated SEWAGE, is often referred to as sewage, by the large number and variety of waste that trail, or you can call them and properly as SEWAGEbecause aprovechárseles discarded after a certain service.
VERTICAL - known as RUNS
Wastewater / sewerage.
A sewage or wastewater, usually by necessitydividírseles coloring as:
a) .- SEWAGE
c). - Soapy water
SEWAGE .- At urinals and toilet from
GREY WATER .- At evacuated in landfills and sinks.
.- At soapy water used in toilets, showers,washing machines.
The location of pipelines is very important, due both to construction and design of open spaces available for this purpose.

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