Agustin de iturbide

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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The twists that gives the story are no strangers to the decisions of men in power. And so, that Iturbide had treated as a hero of independence, and supported the monarchy, soon after he was sentencedto death for treason. But the controversial decision of the Congress would leave open a question for history: What was his crime?

Supposedly recognized him by his manner of riding. The truth isthat neither wanted to go unnoticed, at least not very long. He landed at Soto la Marina on July 15. Apparently recognized by a merchant of Durango, who had seen him on occasion in Mexico City.Durangowas also one deputy, Santiago Baca Ortiz, who had spread the report by each village Instructional Political Fray Servando Teresa de Mier. Promoters of the Republic in a town that for three hundredyears had lived under the rule of a monarchy. Not many, but now in power and, moreover, powerful groups in the provinces ended up supporting a republican form of government as long as last name otherfederal. ¿Republic federation? If Fray Servando himself had shouted in Congress that would cut his throat if anyone in the galleries could explain what breed of animal was the Union Republic. It could bethat little more than a year after the fall of the empire were all Republicans.Surely there were many supporters not only of monarchy but of the deliverer, ready to establish an order of things known.The problem is that in Soto la Marina, that summer of 1824, the commander's name was Felipe de la Garza, a longtime friend of Republicans and rebels, as the very Mier, such as flat Ramos Arizpe. Thatwas not so serious. Politicians will one day join a cause and the next day to another. The most serious problem was that De la Garza ruled twice against the Empire and both failed. If it was not shotas a traitor was due to the grace of the emperor. Some naive would think that, precisely for this reason should be grateful to the man who pardoned him, but the humiliation is not forgiven....
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