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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Advantages of AGV´s
1.     Efficient automated material flow
2.     24/7 material transport capability
3.     Reduce dependence upon manual labor
4.     Utilize existing right-of-ways5.     Minimize potential for injuries
6.     Heavy weight lifting capability
7.     Easily reconfigure changes in layout or function
Disadvantages of AGV´s
1.     Slow movement
2.     Expensive3.     Obstacles will cause the AGVs to simply stop until the issue is resolved
How can the implementation of an AGVS that is more expensive than the current
setup be justified?
The investment of the AGVimplementation system will pay soon, with the reduction of accidents and even though these vehicles are slower it’s worth it to acquire them. The fact that their working on a 24/7 schedule with littlesupervision makes for a well-organized, predictable and easy to run transport system.
Which disadvantages might arise through the implementation of an AGVS?
Other than the cost and slow movementone of the most notable disadvantages of the usage of AGV is that these machines will only do the things on their programmed to. So when the slightest obstacle occurs the AGVs will stop and won’t go onuntil the people in the cockpit solve the programming problems. Even small problems as dusty floors or edge corners might be an obstacle for AGV.
Are there certain conditions that could preventthe implementation of an AGVS?
Sometimes adapting your warehouse to the conditions of the AGV and the programming of it may take more time and money than what the system can save for the company.Especially if you are dealing with a small or middle size company.
The first criteria are the physical material flow. By examining the type of goods transported (or load units), the order of transportoperations, the quantity framework of the material flow, and the distances of connections within the network, the organization can begin to outline the type of transportation best suited for...