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  • Publicado : 4 de febrero de 2011
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Thank you Miss Ruby. I’m here today standing in front of you not happy but sad. I’m here to share to with you about a painful lost…My father, Mr. Nelson Rafael Martinez.It was a terrible lost but I always wonder why he had to die and leave me and my family a side. I always thought he was mean. But I knew deep inside his heart he was veryloving, caring, and respectful man.
I would like you to brainstorm while I ask this question. What was your first reaction when you lost a special someone? In my opinionwhat I felt was seriously something that was hard to hold in I was very confused I didn’t want to believe that my father had passed away but it was painful, horrible, anddamaging to my life. When they first told me I didn’t believe it but I had to. Although it hurts deep inside my heart.
Nobody can fell what I felt for the death of my father;everybody was crying but still didn’t feel what I felt for what occurred. When they called my mom from USA; they just told me that my father had an accident in which hebroke his arm, but deep inside I felt they were hiding something from me. When my mother came back home I saw she picked up her cell phone and called. I noticed she startedcrying and I got more suspicious. When I went to my mother’s house, I saw her crying like never before. I asked her what happened and she told me that my father had passedaway. That was the most horrifying news I ever got.
I want to bring forward that you should be thankful that you have your father with you. I suffered a lot. I miss him, hehad promised me so much things but now its impossible. By saying thank you for your attention and hope you follow the fifth commandment, honor your father and your father.
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