Air pollution control

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  • Publicado : 15 de noviembre de 2011
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Table of Contents

a. Description of typical pollutants in Maresme incineration plant 4
b. Description of typical control equipment in Maresme incineration plant 5
c. Estimation of pollution control costs 8
a. Description of typical pollutants in Spain9
b. Description of typical control equipments used in Spain 12
c. Description of the local laws in Spain 17


The atmosphere is essential for the life, so its disorves have high impact in all the planet.

In the last decades there has been many emissions from the humans, industries, natural phenomenal so, it has been necessary establish some measures controlled by thelegislation, in order to reduce the negative effects that polluted atmosphere would cause in flora, fauna and human life, in adition it can exist changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere, wich can change the climate and causes the acid rain or the destruction of the ozone.

Nowdays the Goverments are making special mention in the global warming. Is belived that the Global warming isthe result of an ehanced greenhouse effect, mostly due to human produced increase in atmosphere greenhouse gases. The mainly gases involved are water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane, which are present in the atmosphere naturally, but the increase of the concentration of these gases and the presence and increase of the concentration of others compounds as nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides fromhuman activities are caused the acceleration of this effect.

Generally a lot of air pollutants exist, the most common are particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hidrocarbures, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, halogenated compounds, lead, ozone and organochlorines.

In this project will be analysed the Maresme incineration plant wich is placed in Barcelona, Spain. The analysed factors are:the typical pollutants, the typical control equipments and the estimation of the pollution control cost for that industry. Also the typical air pollutants of Spain, the typical control equipment used for that country and the local laws will be studied.

On the other hand, the Best Available Techniques (BAT), wich means any combination of work practices, raw material, specification, through putlimitations, source design, characteristics and evaluation of the analyzed cost per ton of air pollution removed and air pollution control devices that have been previously demostrated to the director of enviromental detection to operate satisfactory in this satate or other states with similar air quality on substancially similar air pollution source, will be studied.


a. Description of typical pollutants in Maresme incineration plant

Waste incineration results in solids and gaseous waste. This project focuses on gas waste.

Gaseous waste is gases resulting from combustion process that once emitted to the atmosphere are adequately purged.

The basic composition of gases resulting from combustion is N2, H2O and CO2. Considering,...
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