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______________________________________________________ ELECTRICAL POWER - GENERAL - DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION 1. General _______ R **ON A/C 001-050, 053-099, 201-203, (Ref. Fig. 001) **ON A/C210-215, 218-220, 301-304, (Ref. Fig. 001A) **ON A/C 221-221, (Ref. Fig. 001B) **ON A/C 222-299, 306-399, 401-499, (Ref. Fig. 001C) **ON A/C ALL A. Generation Two Integrated Drive Generators (IDG) normallysupply the aircraft electrical power in flight ; each engine drives one generator. The APU drives a third, auxiliary, generator (APU GEN) which can replace either main generator (GEN 1 or GEN 2). Thegenerators supply the distribution network with alternating current. Two Transformer Rectifiers (TR) supply, in normal configuration, the distribution network with direct current. In the event of majorfailure, a constant-speed hydraulic motor drives an emergency generator (CSM/G) to supply the systems required for aircraft control. On the ground, an electrical Ground Power Unit (GPU) can supplythe aircraft. The APU GEN can also be an independant power source. B. General Arrangement of the Distribution Network In normal flight configuration, each IDG supplies its own distribution network viaits Line Contactor (GLC). The two IDGs are never electrically coupled. The distribution network 1 consists of: - the Alternating Current Bus 1 (AC BUS 1), - the Alternating Current Essential Bus (ACESS BUS),




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- the Alternating Current Sheddable Essential Bus (AC SHED ESS BUS). The distribution network 2 corresponds to the Alternating CurrentBus 2 (AC BUS 2). The TR 1 powered from the AC BUS 1 supplies through its contactor: - the Direct Current Bus 1 (DC BUS 1), - the Direct Current Battery Bus (DC BAT BUS), - the Direct Current EssentialBus (DC ESS BUS), - the Direct Current Sheddable Essential Bus (DC SHED ESS BUS). Two batteries are associated with the DC BAT BUS. The TR 2 powered from the AC BUS 2 supplies the Direct Current...
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