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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2011
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Shadow Mirror finish
Reflecting your elegant lifestyle, Samsung’s Shadow Mirror finish adds sophisticated chic to any décor.

Hidden Display
Hidden behind the Vivace’s attractive Shadow Mirror finish is an LED display. As soon as you switch on the airconditioner, the display lights up, informing you of the set temperature, operating mode etc.

Stylish dust-free front panel
Once inoperation, the front panel of the Vivace tilts forward to take warm air in whilst cool air is expelled underneath. As a result of its smooth face, dust collection is minimised.

MODEL NAME   Performance Capacity           Energy Efficiency (w/w)   Moisture Removal Air Circulation(Max) Noise Level   Indoor High/Low Outdoor High Indoor Outdoor Indoor Outdoor     CoolingHeating Cooling Heating Liquid Gas STD Max Max     V/Hz w w A A in inch in inch m m m   Dimensions & Weight Net Dimension (WxHxD) Net Weight   Electrical Data Power Source Power Consumption   Operating Current   Technical Information SVC Valve   Piping Length   Piping Height Refrigerant       Energy Efficiency (w/w)     Heating   Cooling Btu/hr Kw Kcal/hr Btu/hr Kw Kcal/hr EER(Cooling) COP(Heating) l/hrm3/min dB dB mm mm kg kg AQ09VBA Heat Pump   9,000 2.7 2,322 10,000 2.9 2,494 2,87 3,33 1,0 8 32/24 46   825x285x189 660x470x240 9 26   220~240/50 940 880 4.2 3.9   1/4 3/8 5 15 7 R 22 AQ12VBA Heat Pump   12,000 3,5 3,009 13,000 3,8 3,267 2,99 3,23 1,3 9 36/26 46   825x285x189 720x548x265 9 31   220~240/50 1,170 1,180 5.2 5.3     1/4 1/2 5 15 7 R 22 AQ18VBA Heat Pump   18,000 5,1 4,385 20,000 5,84,987 2,68 3,13 1,9 15 40/32 52   1,065x298x214 790x548x285 13 39   220~240/50 1,900 1,870 9.5 9.0   1/4 1/2 5 15 8 R 22 AQ24VBA Heat Pump   24,000 6,8 5,847 24,000 7,0 6,019 2,62 2,71 2,6 17 42/35 55   1,065x298x214 880x688x310 13 56   220~240/50 2,600 2,600 12.5 12.5     1/4 5/8 5 20 8 R 22

Samsung Vivace: the perfect reflection of your lifestyle
Samsung leads the world again with itsbrilliant new Vivace airconditioner. Not only does it bring sophisticated elegance to any decor with its Shadow Mirror finish, it also boasts a host of advanced features including unique Micro Plasma Ion technology

Gauteng & Central region 0860 726 247

Western, Eastern & Northern Cape (021) 556-8292

Kwa-Zulu Natal (031) 579-1895
Due to Samsung’s policy of constantimprovement, specifications are subject to change without notice. E & OE.



ultimate elegance partnered with unrivalled technology

With Good’Sleep Mode, Silver Nano Health System, and world-first Micro Plasma Ion technology that creates a ‘Zone of Health’ around you, Vivace is today’s top choice in room airconditioners Samsung’s Vivace cools, heats, filtersand deodorises like conventional airconditioners. But what sets it truly apart from the herd is a trio of remarkable features. Firstly, its Good’Sleep Mode regulates room temperature to ensure a restful sleep. Next, Samsung’s Silver Nano Health System kills 99.9% of all germs passing through the airconditioner. And best of all, Vivace now has Micro Plasma Ion technology that releases activehydrogen atoms plus oxygen ions which bond with airborne viruses, allergens and bacteria, causing them to decompose harmlessly. The result is a protective ‘Zone of Health’ in your home or office environment. When this level of world-beating technology is partnered with the elegance of Samsung’s new ‘Shadow Mirror’ finish, the result is an airconditioner without equal in the marketplace today. Vivace:your lifestyle choice. Samsung’s Micro Plasma ion device creates a strong ‘purified zone’ through generating hundreds of thousands of ions per minute.

Multi-step Air Purifying System
Multi-Step Air Purifying System with Micro Plasma Ion technology: a Samsung world-first that creates a ‘Zone of Health’ in your home or office environment. Samsung led the world with its Silver Nano Health System...
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