Aislamiento desde casa

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Guns kill people, then why are there so many pistols, revolvers, rifles and automatic weapons in circulation? There is only an answer, money.
Those who earn a lot ofmoney selling or dealing in guns defend their use. They say there are many people working in factories which made guns and they would lose their jobs. They say too, guns don’t kill;it’s neccessary a person to fire them. Besides if you have a gun you can defend yourself when a criminal attack you or your family. There are many weapons used in sports and itwouldn’t seem right that these people couldn’t enjoy their hobby.
Otherwise police need guns in order to convince criminals to surrender and Army give their soldiers guns to keep Peacein the world.
Some people don’t agree with taking guns because they think there is too much violence in our streets and young people are becoming more and more violent. They feltolder and safer if they have a gun on their hands but they don’t really notice the danger.
Nowadays our planet has got a big problem: terrorism. A lot of innocent people are killedwithout sense. Who protect the victims?
A group of mad people have got guns, powerful guns. They think they are fighting by an ideal cause: They take for granted that killing peopleis the only thing they can do in order to get their goals. They don’t know to talk; they only listen to their leader, a crazy powerful man with strange political or religious ideas.So 11th September and 11th March were terrible days for the entire world.
In my opinion guns should be forbidden in order to get a peaceful world. Violence brings moreviolence and it’s time to stop so many robberies, murders and wars in the Earth. I know it’s a very difficult task, an individual can’t do a lot but we don’t realise how much we can help.
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