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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Amayrani and Selene are good friends, but they are living in different places. Now, Selene is in Tuxtla with two friends because she have vacations and she want tosee her friend, Amayrani.
Amayrani: hello?
Selene: Amayrani? , it’s you?
Amayrani: Selene ... Selene!!!!!!
Selene: wow friend, how _______ you?
Amayrani: really good! , the university is nice,very nice
Selene: that’s good.____ ______ in Tuxtla now, because I have vacations, we should see us
Amayrani: it’s a good idea! .Go to the park!
Selene: it’s ok. In the park at 5:00 o’ clock pm ok?Amayrani: ok! , see you later Selene!
Selene: See you later friend!

Selene: Hello Amayrani. I invited two friends to come here.
Amayrani: What _______ _________ like?
Selene: Julio is tall andvery nice and Freddy is thin and funny
Amayrani: _______ __________ those guys??
Selene: Where ________ they?
Amayrani: ________ _______ next to the wastebasket.
Selene: No _________ _______not
Amayrani: They are in front of that three. One of them _______ ______________ blue jeans and yellow t-shirt and the other ________ ___________________ black jeans and brown t-shirt.
Selene:Yes, __________ _______ my friends. Hey Guys come here.

Julio: hey Selene, how are you?!
Selene: fine! , how are you guys?
Freddy: we are very good, it’s a sunny day and I like it
Julio:yeah, it’s was raining and humid in the morning but now it’s windy
Selene: yeah, it’s very cool. Hey guys this is my friend Amayrani, she is from Guadalajara and _______ ______ 18 years old.Amayrani: hi! , I’m Amayrani, nice to meet you
Julio: nice to meet you too. Oh, how ______ _______ spell your name? It’s A-M-A-I-R-A-N-Y??
Amayrani: no, it’s A-M-A-Y-R-A-N-Y
Julio: oh good
Amayrani:where _______ you from?
Freddy: I’m from Tonala city and Julio is from Tampico, but ______ are living here, in Tuxtla
Amayrani: oh, and how old are you?
Julio: we are 18 years old too...
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