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1. Chicken 1000 grams
2. Pastusa Potatoes 500 grams
3. Criolla potatoes 500 grams
4. Sabanera potatoes 500 grams
5. Cilantro10 grams
6. Scallions 50 grams
7. Water 5 liters
8. Salt 5 grams
9. Guascas30 grams
10. Celery 30 grams
11. Cob 500 grams
First, you have to put a pot with water in the fire. Add scallions,cilantro and celery. Add the cob cut and washed. Then you have to add the chicken by 20 minutes. Incorporate the criolla potatoes peeled and cut, just by 10 minutes. Then add the pastusa potatoespeeled and cut too by 10 minutes more; and in the same form add the sabanera potatoes by the same time. Finally add the guascas, rectify taste and serve. You can serve it with capers and milk cream.ACCOMPANIMENTS
1. Garlic 10 grams
2. Onion 20 grams
3. Water 1 liter
4. Rice 2 cups
5. Salt 5 grams
6. Oil 10ml
Frythe garlic and the onion in the oil, add the water, salt and finally the rice, let it by 30 minutes, then move it with a fork and let it 10 minutes more.
1. Avocado 1 unit
2.Oíl 10 ml
3. Lemon juice 15 ml
Wash and peel it, cut it in the form that you wish and then wash it with lemon juice and oil for give it a best taste and brightness.

DRINKYou can eat it with a typical drink from Colombia, it is prepares with lemon juice and water´s panela. It is serves with ice and a slice of lemon.

1. Papayuela500 grams
2. Water 500 ml
3. Sugar 20 grams
4. Cloves 5 grams
5. Cinnamon 5 grams
First you need to peel the...
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