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  • Publicado : 29 de abril de 2011
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What is Better In the Space: Machines Or Humans?
Browsing for life beyond our home planet presents an amazing opportunity for humanity. For the first time in history our civilization had created thetechnologies to allow us extend our own senses beyond this planet so far we have done this by sending automated machines to the other worlds in our solar system and using immense telescopes to peerfar beyond what our eyes can see. This tools have also allowed us act upon of locating life far beyond of our birthplace.
The Question Is: how will we get to all the places we need reach? And whowill "we" be… Finally tha machines will make the job or we have to train super humans?
Designing more capable and intelligent robots to think that we human beings won't have a chance searching for lifein the universe efficiently. Machines are great doing programmed tasks so we havee now built a new generation of robots capable to take decisions for example to know when to take new directions.
Sodo these feedback delays in remotely operated vehicles are out of the idea in the search for life within our solar system? And if so, are autonomously-operated vehicles the only choice by default?*Humans have always used tools to extend their biological capabilities. Whenever a tool has been developed to visit places where humans can’t go unaided. With humans on Mars in a central base camp,surrounded by highly capable robots
*With robots it bring with us maybe more as partners than other thing. giving humans ideas of where concentrate the search. Intelligent machines could dig the terraincreating a sample of explored planet material, giving information to humans.
One of the clear lessons of our past 40 years in space is that humans will always lead the charge in exploration. Andthe new tools are becoming more intelligent extending our reach into places that we would just imagine in this days.
The key to successful exploration of solar system will be the proper balance of...
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