Aki io

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Accountant - a person that works with the money and accounts of a company.
Actor /Actress - a person that acts in a play or a movie
Architect - a person that designs building and houses.
Author -They write books or novels.
Baker - They make bread and cakes and normally work in a bakery.
Bricklayer - a person that helps to build houses using bricks.
Bus driver - a person that drives buses.Butcher - a person that works with meat. They cut the meat and sell it in their shop.
Carpenter - a person that makes things from wood including houses and furniture.
Chef/Cook - a person thatprepared food for others, often in a restaurant or café.
Cleaner - a person that cleans/tidies an area or place (such as in an office)
Dentist - a person that can fix problems you have with your teeth.Designer - a person who has the job of designing things.
Doctor - a person you go to see when you are ill or have some type of health problem.
Dustman/Refuse collector - a person that collectstrash/rubbish from bins in the street.
Electrician - a person that works with electric circuits.
Factory worker - a person that works in a factory.
Farmer - a person that works on a farm, usually withanimals.
Fireman/Fire fighter - a person that puts out fires.
Fisherman - a person that catches fish
Florist - a person that works with flowers.
Gardener - a person that keeps gardens clean andtidy. They take care of the plants in the garden.
Hairdresser - they cut your hair or give it a new style.
Journalist - a person that makes new reports in writing or through television.
Judge - aqualified person that decides cases in a law court.
Lawyer - a person that defends people in court and gives legal advice.
Lecturer - a person that gives lectures, usually in a university.Librarian - a person that works in a library.
Lifeguard - a person that saves lives where people swim (at a beach or swimming pool).
Mechanic - a person that repairs machines, especially car motors....
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