Aladdin and the enchanted lamp - sumary

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  • Publicado : 25 de mayo de 2011
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Aladdin was a lazy boy who lived with his mother in a little house in Arabia. They were very poor. Once, Aladdin met an elderly man who said to beAladdin´s uncle (but he wasn´t) .This man, called Abanazar was very kind and generous with Aladdin and his mother. One day, Abanazar took Aladdin to the hills and made some magic there. The ground began toopen and appeared a big stone with a ring in it. Abanazar told to Aladdin he was the only one who could move that stone by putting his hand on the ring and saying his name and his father´s name.Aladdin did it and the stone moved, then he saw stairs under the ground. Abanazar gave to Aladdin a magic ring and some instructions to get a lamp which was underground. Aladdin followed all the commandsand found the lamp, put it into his pocket and also took some fruits. Aladdin went back to the stairs and when he was near Abanazar, the elderly man angrily said he wanted to have the magic lamp beforeAladdin got out of the ground. Aladdin couldn´t take the lamp out of his pocket because it was under the fruits. Abanazar said some magic words and left Aladdin under the ground. After some daysAladdin remembered the magic ring and put his right hand on it, after this, a jinnee appeared and Aladdin asked him to take him out of the ground. He went home and his mother said they didn’t haveanything to eat, so they had to buy some things. Aladdin gave to his mother the old lamp and when she was cleaning it another jinnee came up. Aladdin asked him to bring some food and in few seconds thejinnee came back with food in gold plates. Aladdin every day sold these plates and soon he became in a rich man.
Five years later, Aladdin saw the sultan´s daughter, Badr-al-Budur, and fell in lovewith her at once. After some problems and with the help of the jinnee Aladdin finally could show to the princess his true feelings and to the sultan that he was a good husband for his daughter....
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