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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2011
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Using the LCD5501Z Keypad
WARNING: Please refer to the System Instruction Manual for information on limitations regarding product use and function and information on the limitations as to liabilityof the manufacturer.

1. Display 2. System Lights 3. Number Pad 4. Function Buttons 5. Emergency Keys

The LCD5501Z keypad shows the status of your security system using an LCD-style display,along with fixed words and numbers. This instruction sheet describes the basic features of the keypad. For more detailed information on your security system and how to use it, please read your system’sInstruction Manual.

Important Note: Test system weekly and have any system trouble conditions corrected by your alarm installer.

1. Display

3. Number Pad:
Use the number pad to enter yourcode, and to access system functions. To exit a function and return to the Ready state, press . To select a function press .

5. Function Buttons:
If your installer has enabled them, you can use thefunction buttons to access the stay arm, away arm, door chime, sensor reset and quick exit features. (Your installer may program other functions for these buttons.) Press and hold the appropriate buttonfor two seconds. Refer to your Instruction Manual for more information on these features.

2. System Lights: Ready Light
If the Ready light is ON, the system is ready for arming. The system cannotbe armed unless the Ready light is ON.

4. Emergency Keys:
Press both * keys for two seconds to send a FIRE message. Press both * Keys for two seconds to send an AUXILIARY message. Press both *Keys for two seconds to send a PANIC message.
* IMPORTANT NOTE (All Keypads): The Fire, Auxiliary and Panic keys will NOT function unless programmed by the installer. If these keys are in service andthe installer has enabled audible feedback, holding down the key for two seconds will cause the keypad sounder to beep indicating that the input has been accepted and sent.

Armed Light If the...
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