Albert einstein

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Albert Einstein remains a mythic figure of our time, more, even, of what came to be in life, if one considers that his image, and displaying posters provided an unusual gesture of derision, has been elevated to the dignity of domestic icon, along with the idols of the song and the stars of Hollywood.
However, there are his scientific genius nor his human size that best explain it as myth, butperhaps the accumulation of paradoxes contained in his own biography, accented with historical perspective. At Einstein champion of pacifism is remembered still as the 'father of bomb' and is still running which it has proof of principle that "everything is relative" to him, who fought bitterly against the possibility that knowing the actually meant to play with her blind man's buff.
AlbertEinstein was born in the Bavarian city of Ulm on March 14, 1879. He was the eldest son of Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch, both Jews whose families came from Swabia. The following year he moved to Munich, where the father was established, along with his brother Jakob, as a trader in electrical engineering developments of the time.
Little Albert was a quiet and pensive child who had a slow intellectualdevelopment. Einstein himself attributed to the fact that slowly have been the only person to develop a theory of relativity as "a normal adult is not concerned about the problems of space and time, considering that everything to know about it already knows from his early childhood. I, on the contrary, I had a development so slow that I have not started to ask myself questions about space andtime to which I have been greater. "

Albert Einstein in 1947
In 1894, economic difficulties meant that the family (increased since 1881, on the birth of a daughter, Maya) moved to Milan, Einstein remained in Munich to finish high school, meeting with parents next year. In the fall of 1896, he began his studies at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, where he was a student of themathematician Hermann Minkowski, who later generalized four-dimensional formalism introduced by the theories of his former pupil. On June 23, 1902, began to provide services in the Office of Intellectual Property Confederal Berne, where he worked until 1909. In 1903 he married Mileva Maric, a former classmate at Zurich, with whom he had two sons, Hans Albert and Eduard, were born in 1904 and 1910.In 1919 he divorced and remarried Einstein to his cousin Elsa.
During 1905, he published five papers in the Annalen der Physik, the first of them earned a doctoral degree from the University of Zurich, and the remaining four ended up imposing a radical change in the image that science provides the universe. Of these, the first provided a theoretical explanation, in statistical terms, the Brownianmotion and the second was an interpretation of the photoelectric effect based on the assumption that light is composed of individual quanta, later called photons, the two remaining works laid the foundations of the theory of relativity, establishing the equivalence between the energy E of a certain amount of matter and its mass m, in terms of the famous equation E = mc ², where c is the speed oflight, which assumed constant.

Elsa Einstein with his second wife
Einstein's effort placed him immediately among the most eminent physicists of Europe, but public recognition of the true extent of his theories was slow in coming, the Nobel Prize in Physics, which was granted in 1921 it was only 'for his work on Brownian motion and its interpretation of the photoelectric effect. " In 1909, hebegan his university teaching career in Zurich, then going back to Prague and back to Zurich in 1912 to become professor of the Polytechnic, where he had studied. In 1914 he went to Berlin as a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences.The outbreak of World War I was forced to leave his family, then vacationing in Switzerland and no longer meet him again.
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