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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Blackbeard vs. Al Capone
Does anyone remember who Al Capone really was? How about Blackbeard? What about how they or for what they where remembered? Not many people remember who these people where but throughout this essay you will know these people came to be remembered and who they really were. People might think that they have nothing in common, because they differ in many ways. They weredifferent people because of the different years they both lived. That one has nothing to do with the other, but what if I told you that you might not be quite correct? What if I told you that these two criminals were not so different? Would you believe me? This essay shows and gives examples that they were similar in three basic characteristics; they were intelligent, powerful and showed acts ofkindness to the less fortunate
These men were feared by the people. These men were well known because of the power and the respect they had earned. Al Capone’s willingness to kill was while working for Yale, killed two men while working in New York, and since no one admitted to hear or see anything, Capone was never tried for murder and walked free. He worked for Yale's mentor John Torrio whonoticed Capone's potential, his combination of physical strength and intelligence, and encouraged him. Capone later turned into his right hand man in managing bootlegging outfit and soon became the new leader. When this happened, he was controlling speakeasies, book joints, gambling houses, brothels, horse and race tracks, nightclubs, distilleries, and breweries; making about $100,000,000 per year,roughly $2.5 billion in today's currency, and because Chicago’s mayor was corrupt, Capone ruled Chicago. He became known for all the murders and power he had gained. Blackbeard, in contrast, did not rule Chicago, he ruled the sea. He worked as a privateer stealing enemy ships and ever since the war finished, he got used to the power and cruelty. On each dock he would leave a story to tell and so theseamen whenever they traveled feared to encounter his crew and ship because they knew Blackbeard would steal from them and if they refused, they knew he would take their lives. Blackbeard was known for his combat skills and his weaponry. He was an ambitious man and whatever ship he saw on the horizon he had to attack, never backing down from a challenge or an opponent.
The power they once ownedin history was earned with good thinking. Capone and Blackbeard where always considered by their opponents as strong but mostly recognized by their intelligence. Blackbeard and Al Capone, studied their situations on an event, created a strategy, and then acted. A strategy that both of them regularly used was to camouflage as the opponent. For example, Blackbeard tended to lift the enemies flag uphigh so that the other ship would think it was a friendly ship, and when the vessels where close Blackbeard would order to lift his flag and let the opponent decide whether or not to challenge him. Similarly Al Capone dressed himself as his opponents. His men where well equipped and disguised as police men during a robbery, and whenever the real policemen came up they thought everything was undercontrol they would either get ambushed later or walk away without noticing the act. These great criminals had power and had intelligence on their side.
As histories of these men go, some say that they had a soft side; an almost human side that you might think that criminals like these lack. These men killed, robbed, and threatened, but they did not do it just for their own benefit. Al Caponewas a very rich man but lived in a humble home; he shared his riches with the less fortunate, often treated others fairly. He was the first to open soup kitchens after the 1929 stock market crash. He ordered merchants to give clothes and food to the needy at his expense. I think he might have done it because he refused to feel inhuman, he didn’t want to feel like a cold heartless all evil man....
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