Alcohol en juventud

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  • Publicado : 10 de junio de 2010
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Elodia FloresRodriguez
English IV p.5
Mrs. Eno
February 12, 2010
“Alcohol-Branded Apparel Linked to Adolescent Drinking”
Young people wear T-shirts, hats or other different items that promotealcoholic beverages, I call this Fashion, but scientists believe that these behavior affect the personalities and push the teenagers to begin to drink at early age; having as a result illness and death.Does alcohol merchandise really induce teenagers to drink? I mean its really common to see people of different ages wearing or having stuff promoting brands of alcohol, it’s something we are use to.This article written by Steven Rein berg, explain how using these kinds of items make the people more susceptible to alcohol. And if that is right well we are in problems then “About three millionadolescents in the United States own alcohol branded merchandise” said lead researcher Dr. Auden C. McClure. Just imagine three million teenagers getting drunk while wearing a T-shirt promoting a Coorslight; funny, right?
Dr. McClure surveyed 6,522 adolescents about their drinking habits, they had to answer questions about changes in drinking habits and ownership of alcohol branded merchandiseand the results were: the number of adolscents who owned alcohol branded merchandise ranged from 11 percent at the eight month survey to a 20 percent at the 24month survey. Im not pretty sure of whatthis numbers means but it seem like its true what the scientis said before, and also 25 percent of the 69 percent of merchandise is promoting Budweiser beer. Also a extra fact is that almost all theitems that have the teenager, they got them from their own families; and I think that´s another contradiction because its obviously that your family would never hurt you so they will not give a weaponto their own family.
Professor David Jernigan think there should be restrictions on these things and be more careful of who get this kind of merchandise so they can prevent the early initiation of...
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