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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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On the last years the quantity of people that are victims of alcoholism is growing. People including all ages drink alcohol constantly with different excuses; for example: they thinkthat alcohol is the solution to their problems because they forget everything when they drank it, also they say it is just to taste or “just a little” to have fun. But many people is not conscious thatdrinking excessive alcohol produce several effects as: health deceases, emotional or familiar problems.

People who drink excessive alcohol can develop health deceases such as serious problems inthe brain because alcohol hinder brain functions, so people start forgetting what they’ve done last night, but then when they develop the addiction they could have permanent damages which sometimes needto be treated for a lifetime. Apart from the brain there are some other organs that are damaged by alcohol, mainly liver and kidneys; the liver help to remove or process alcohol, poisons and toxinsfrom the body so an excessive quantity of alcohol would make the liver to work very much until it can’t deal with the quantity of alcohol on your body; and the kidneys function is to filter substances,Alcohol destroys the delicate balance of the ions and water in the body by altering the filtering ability of the kidneys.

Alcoholic people can not only develop physical diseases, but alsoemotional problems, all people with this problem get into a fight with themselves and sometimes they also get into a hard depression, which can affect them in their body, in school, family, friends andtreating with people.

Alcoholism not only brings problems to the people who drink, but also to their families and friends. They can react in a very aggressive way which affects people around them andmaybe they didn’t want to do it; families and friends can also have a bad time because almost any person with this problem accepts they need help, and always the first step is to accept the problem, so...
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