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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2011
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Peru is a very interesting country, because it has diverse places to know and to pass some good vacations with our families or friends. Also to know their customs, theiractivities and the good hospitality of Peruvians toward tourists. Next I will mention about Lima the capital of Peru that has also been called "La ciudad de los Reyes" by the conquering FranciscoPizarro for 400 years. In this document, I will describe people from Lima, Peru. First, I will describe the weather of Lima. Second, a vacation in Lima. Third, How people spend their time. Forth, I willmention other information about Lima.

In the first place, we already know something about Lima. As you know, Lima has a great variety of climates. To begin Lima it is not very hot and cold, Itsclimate is very comfortable. Also in the whole year their temperature is from 18 to 19 °C. Therefore, in the summer of December to April their temperature is between 29 and 21 °C, so in those months thedays are clear, sunny and hot, people go to the beach. In the winter, from June to September the temperature is between 19 and 12 °C, the days are cloudy, gray and with a lot of humidity. In themonths of spring and autumn (September, October and May) the temperature is between the 23 and 17 °C.

When talking about their vacations, some of the Limean are occupied in their job. But there is anexception for vacations, for example: There are people that traveled, go to beach in the summer or go to museums. On the other hand there are also people that enjoy their vacations in visiting goodrestaurants to eat and to drink or go to buy clothes in big stores.

Also Limeans spend time in activities for example: cycling, Karate, surf, tennis, swimming, volleyball, basketball, baseball,bowling and chess. And soccer that is the favorite sport.

Finally, Lima there are many great parks where you can visit with your family walk, ride a bicycle or just relax. Also, it has good public...
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