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The activity is in the "Present simple" in English, the Simple Present tense of this, expressing habitual action, that is, habits, routines in daily life. Itdiffers from the present perfect in that the latter has perfective aspect, and the present continuous in that the other is progressive aspect.
Come many exercises, which served me very helpful.
ForI / You / We / They do not change the word spelled the same and when we speak of He / She / t / or such person's name is added to the verb "s" for example:
* I play the lead
* Jessica plays theguitar
Negation is used to "does" rather than "not" only He / She / It / or such person's name for example:
* He does not play the guitar

Also added the gerund .The gerund is what will allow us toconstruct other tenses a bit more complicated, these tenses are those who call themselves continuous, to form the present participle we must add the suffix-ing to the base form of the infinitive.
tolisten (escuchar) -> listening (escuchando)
to hear (escuchar) -> hearing (escuchando)

In You / We / They used "are" before the verb, and He / She / It is used "is" well before the verb in"I" only becomes "am"
For example:
* I (buy) am buying groceries now
* You / We / They (buy) are buying groceries now.
* He / She / It (buy) is now buying groceries now.

PRESENT CONTINUOSThe activity asked me several sentences related to pictures such as: "She plays guitar" "He gives his girlfriend a rose" etc..
.One difference between the present continuous and present simple: Someideas in English can sound a bit absurd to Spanish ears if translated directly. For example, "We are wearing something" is "Is there anything else" and not "We're taking something as" or "They aresitting" means "You're sitting," not "are sitting" and Spanish. The reason we use the present continuous to describe these situations is that the present simple in English is limited to describing...
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