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3.1 What are these people doing? Use these verbs to complete the sentences:
Eat have lie play sit wait
1. She s´ eating an apple 4. lieing On the floor
2. He waiting for a bus 5. Having breakfast
3. They playing soccer 6. Sating on the table

3.2 complete the sentences. Use one of the verbs:
Build cook leavestand stay swim take work
1. Please be quiet. I ´m working.
2. “Where´s john?” “He´s in the kitchen. He is cooking
3. “You are stand on my foot.” “Oh, I´m sorry.”
4. Look! Somebody is swimming in the river.
5. We´re here on vacation. We are staying at the far west motel.
6. “Where’s Erin?” “She is taking a shower.
7. They are building a new hoteldowntown.
8. I am working now goodbye

3.3 look at the picture. Write sentences about Emily. Use she´s –ing or she isn´t –ing.
1(have dinner) she isn’t having dinner
2 (watch television) she’s watching television
3 (sit on the floor ) she’s sitting in the floor
4(read a book ) she isn’t reading a book
5(play the piano) she isn’t playing the piano6(laugh) she’s laughing
7(wear a hat) she isn’t wearing a hat
8(write a letter) she isn’t writing lettering

3.4 What’s happening now? Write true sentences
1. (I/was/my hair) I’m not washing my hear
2(it/snow) it’s snowing or it isn’t snowing
3(I /sit/on a chair) I’m sit on a chair
4(I/eat) I’m eat
5(it/rain) it raining
6(I/study/English) I’m study English
7(I/listen/to music) I’mlistening to music
8(the sun/shine) the sun is shining
9(I/wear/shoes) I wear my shoes
10(I/read/a newspaper) I read newspaper
4.3write questions with these words. use is or are and put the words in order.
1. Is Luis working today?
2. What are the children doing?
3. You listening to me?
4.were going your friends?
5. your parents watching television?
6. what are cooking Jessica?
7. whyyou looking at me ?
8. are coming the bus?
4.4 write true short answers (yes am. no he isn´t., etc).
1. are you watching TV? no,i´m not 4. Is it raining? yes I am
2. are you wearing a watch? yes ,I am 5. are you sitting on the floor? no, he isn´t
3. are you eating something? yes, I am 6. are you feeling all right? Yes I am6.1 write negative sentences.
1. I play the piano very well. I don’t play the piano very well
2. Yuki plays the piano very well. Yuki does not touch the piano very well.
3. They know my phone number. Do not know my phone number.
4. we work very hard. not very hard working the.
5. I have car. Has no car.
6. you do the same thing every day. Not do the same every day.
6.2 study theinformation and write sentences with like.
Do you like… bill y rose carol you
1jazz? Yes no yes
2 boxing? No yes yes
3Horror movies? Yes no yes
1. Bill and rose like jazz
Carol does not like jazz
I like jazz
2. Bill and rosedo not like boxing
Carol likes jazz boxing
I like the box
3. Bill and rose like the horror movies
Carol do not like horror movies
I like horror movies.
6.3 write about yourself. Use i never…or I …a lot or I don´t… very often.
1. (watch TV) I never watch TV or-watch TV a lot OR – don´t… very often.
2. (go to theater) i never go to theater- go to theater a lot - go totheater very often.
3. (Montar en bicicleta) yo nunca en bicicleta - en bicicleta mucho - No en bicicleta no muy a menudo
4. (Comer en el restaurante) yo nunca comer en un restaurante - comer en un restaurante del lote - No comer en el restaurante muy a menudo.
6.4 Complete the sentences. All of them are negative. Use don’t – doesn’t one of these.
Verbs: cost go know read see use wear
1. I...
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