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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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Saving the planet one Gadget at a time.

With the help of the Gadgets can accurately account for the exact amount of electricity used at home and thus help save the consumption of thesame. These new tools have the ability to contact the service provider that facilitate the reading of consumption.
The Wattson is a smart meter simplified. A sensor clipped into yourfuse box monitors the electromagnetic field in the wires coming out of it, and accompanying transmitter sends the information wirelessly with the Wattson shiny box.
Really shows how much anappliance uses when connecting and using it. You can connect to Internet through a router device with which you can access statistics on energy consumption at home through an onlinedashboard, in a device driver or an application for Iphone. An accountant can keep abreast of consumption but the energy savings and consumption is little in his case.
"Smart meters are notmagic and are a tool like any other tool -. You have to use it and use it wisely," said Sarah Darby, Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford.
But if smart metering ishard work, another option is PassivEnergy management system which aims to reduce bills without human intervention. This other system is responsible for central heating and hot watercontrols, by means of thermometers in the room, a wireless hub and a new central controller that manages energy use in the most efficient.

1.- Sarah Darby, from the Enviromental ChangeInstitute at Oxford University.
2.- Joe Warren, commercial manager of The Smart Fridge Monitors.

I think this would greatly help Mexico reduce its energy consumption and avoid a lot ofpollution to the environment and facilitate the work of electrical service.
Jesus Alexander Sanchez Cruz

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