Alexandria's genesis

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  • Publicado : 5 de junio de 2011
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Apparently it's a genetic mutation that originated after a mysterious light "on a moonless night" in Egypt came and there were people with shimmerywhite skin and purple eyes, called the "spirit people". They soon traveled up north and disappeared without a trace. The earliest recorded story aboutthis...I think is about CE 1330, in England, when a girl named Alexandria had her eyes turned from blue gradually to deep purple around her first birthday. Herparents went to a priest, thinking it was a witch that cursed her, but the priest said that it was "a myth come true".

The thing is, there's more tothe shimmery white skin immune to tanning and burning and purple eyes. Here's the symptoms:

-Shimmery white skin that doesn't tan or burn
-Deeppurple eyes that remain 20/20 through lifetime
-Women are the carriers
-No menstrual cycle
-Usually brown or black hair
-Lives up to 130-150 years, withage slowed down, and stops around 50, causing them to look 20-30 years younger than normal age
-No weight gain, no matter how much they eat and theyhave great figures
-No body and facial hair; just has the hair they were born with, which is the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, in the ears, and in the nose-Rarely digests (probably due to all the energy keeping their figures nice)
-Happens to Caucasians, but people who's had interracial children with themutation are known to carry more genes from the mutation
-Mutation seems to get stronger every generation
-Immunity to all diseases or barely gets sick.
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