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Thank you for purchasing a Monitor 2 mixer, brought to you with pride by the SPIRIT team of Andy, Colin, Chris, James, Simon, Mukesh, Graham, Martin, Paul, Tony and Peter, with the support of many others - we hope you will have as much fun using it as we did building it!

For your own safety and to avoid invalidation of the warranty please readthis section carefully. The SPIRIT MONITOR 2 mixer must only be connected through the Power Supply supplied. The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Earth: Green and Yellow (Green/Yellow - US)

Neutral: Blue (White - US) Live: Brown (Black - US)

As the colours of the wires in the mains lead may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying theterminals in your plug, proceed as follows: l The wire which is coloured Green and Yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol. l The wire which is coloured Blue must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter N. l The wire which is coloured Brown must be connected to the terminal in the plug which ismarked with the letter L. Ensure that these colour codings are followed carefully in the event of the plug being changed. To avoid the risk of fire, replace the mains fuse only with the correct value fuse, as marked on the rear panel.

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Connecting Up



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Mono Input Channel
The UltraMic Plus padless input preamp is designed to acceptBALANCED or UNBALANCED signals at a wide range of input levels up to +28dBu. When using microphones, professional dynamic, condenser or ribbon mics are best because these will be LOW IMPEDANCE. You can use low-cost HIGH IMPEDANCE mics, but the level of background noise will be higher. If you press the 48V switch down the socket provides a suitable powering voltage for professional condenser mics (this isalso known as Phantom Power). Each input is provided with a male XLR-type SPLIT OUT connector, which enables mic signals to be fed directly to a Front-of-House mixer without the need for specials cables or splitter boxes. Always provide 48V powering from the Monitor 2 console if required, and turn off the powering at the FOH console. An internal jumper option is provided to allow the groundconnection to the SPLIT OUT connector to be lifted to prevent ground loops in certain installations.

XLR Input

Pressing this switch activates a steep 18dB per octave filter which reduces the level of bass frequencies only. Use this in live PA situations to clean up the mix, reducing stage rumble or ‘popping’ from microphones. The unbalanced, pre-EQ insert point is a break in the channel signalpath, allowing limiters, compressors, special EQ or other signal processing units to be added in the signal path. The Insert is a 3-pole ‘A’ gauge jack socket which is normally bypassed. When a jack is inserted, the signal path is broken, just before the EQ section. The Send may be tapped off as a line level, pre-fade, pre-EQ send of a mic source if required, using a lead with tip and ring shortedtogether so that the signal path is not interrupted. Powerful, corrective Equalisation (EQ) is essential in live situations to cope with varying venue acoustics and original signals which may be far from ideal. Each Monitor 2 input is provided with a comprehensive 4-Band EQ section, with two swept mids for extra control.



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6ONLY connect condenser microphones with the 48V powering OFF (switch UP), and ONLY turn the 48V powering on or off with all output faders DOWN, to prevent damage to the mixer or external devices. If the SPLIT OUT connectors are used to feed another mixer, the MONITOR 2 console should be powered up first, or the faders on the FOH console should all be down when the MONITOR 2 is powered up or...
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