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D. Pair work.
Work with a classmate. Make requests using the words from the box.
Use Can/Could you . . ? Can/Could I. . . ? Would you . . . ? Then ask your partner
the questions.

use your lap top carry my books have a coffee
speak to the teacher borrow your car

E. Let's talk!

Look at the pictures and answer the questions.[pic]

1. What does your high school principal say when he/she complains? What do you say?
2. What does your father say when he complains? What do you say?
3. What does the teacher say when he/she complains? What do you say?

F. Choose the correct answer.
1. I enough money to buy a present for the teacher.
a) hadn't had b) didn't have c) haven't had
2. Nancy for an American companysince 1998.
a) had worked b) has worked c) worked
3. By the time we at the stadium, the game had started.
a) arrived b) had arrived c) didn't arrive
4. I reading the book some minutes ago.
a) had finished b) have finished c) finished

[pic]When I funish the semester…

[pic]After Chritmas when I receive my salary…

[pic]Before I stared my exercise routine…

H. Rewrite thesesentences in indirect speech.

1.-"I spent about 45 minutes with the new student."
The teacher said : that she spent 45 minutes whit the news student.

2.-"Tell me when it's lunch time."
Lucy asked me
3.-"Why does Sergio speak so loud?"
My mother wanted to know why
4.- "Did the teacher always wear a suit?" Daniel asked me
5. "I have a new job. Next monthI'll probably visit the head quarters." Pam said

I. Write a report

A famous actress was interviewed on TV last night. Report the interview.
"I am married to one of the most handsome men on earth, and that makes me so happy. Besides that I like children very much so I adopted two kids and I have three children of my own. We have a couple of houses and we live some months of the yearin Paris and the rest of the time we live in Los Angeles, and we frequently take vacations"
J. Use three different adjectives to describe each of the following nouns.






K. Write a description of your favorite
restaurant. Explain why you like it, what is the speciality of the house, and any other information that you considerimportant.

L. Complete the sentences. Be sure to use gerunds.
3. I love walking in the rain_____
4. My brother hates
5. I keep
6. John should stop
7. I never regret

M. Read the text.
This lady has one of the most bizarre collections on earth: she collects soap bars! Her name is Carol Vaughn, she is 65 years old, and she has more than 5000 bars of soap that she has beencollecting since 1991. She has soap bars from all over the world.

Now, look in books or research the internet and describe another weird collectio


Complete the following sentences.
3. After school, I want to
4. Next Christmas, I would like to
5. Some day, I hope to
6. But during the semester I don't want to
7. I usually tend to
8. But I promise

0. Write sentences using seems orseems to be.

Look at the people's faces. . .



P. Complete the sentences with the gerund or infinitive. Use the verbs from the box.

|visit |go |move |eat |
|buy |have |stay |write |

1. Do you enjoy going to the movies?2. Have you considered to Canada?
3. What time did you finish lunch yesterday?
4. Do you want one more day at the beach?
5. Nelly hasn't finished the report yet.
6. The rain stopped, so I decided for a walk.
7. I can't afford the new apartment at the moment.
8. I generally avoid junk

P. Discussion.

Work in pairs. Answer the questions and present your conclusions to the...
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