Algoritmos blender 2.6

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Navigation shortcut keys ^
Items marked [*] are compatible with the latest versions Blender.
* G = MOVE [*]
G then 'X', 'Y' or 'Z' = MOVE along specific axis only.
* S = RESIZE [*]
S then'X', 'Y' or 'Z' = RESIZE along specific axis only.
* R = ROTATE [*]
R then 'X', 'Y' or 'Z' = ROTATE along specific axis only.
* X = DELETE [*]
Displays the delete 'options' pop up.
*M = LAYERS [*]
Displays the 'move to layer' pop up - selected object will be moved to the selected layer. Displays current layer as selected on opening.
* NumPad 1, 3, 7 and 5 [*]
View port control;'front', 'side', 'top' and 'perspective' respectively. Pressing any of these will put the view port the mouse has control over (the mouse is placed over) into 'orthogonal' or 'perspective' mode.
*Shift + F1-F12 = Window 'Type'
* F1 - File Browser; F2 - Logic Editor; F3 - Node Editor; F4 - Console; F5 - 3D View; F6 - Graph Editor; F7 - Properties; F8 - Video Sequence Editor; F9 -Outliner; F10 - UV/Image Editor; F11 - Text Editor; F12 - Dope Sheet. [*]
* F1 - File Browser (load); F2 - File Browser (export); F3 - Node Editor; F4 - Data Select; F 5- 3D View; F 6 - IPO CurveEditor; F7 - Buttons; F8 - Video Sequence Editor; F9 - Outliner;F10 - UV/Image Editor; F11 - Text Editor; F12 - Action Editor.
* Middle Mouse Button (MMB)
* MMB Click Hold
By default movesthe view port the mouse has control over based on mouse position. Can be altered to use different rotation focus points.
* MMB Scroll Up/Down [*]
Zooms the view port forwards/backwards.
*MMB+Shift [*]
'Translates' the view port, moves view left/right and up/down.
* MMB+Ctrl [*]
Zooms view port Uses a finer distance control than scrolling MMB.
* Left Mouse Button (LMB)* LMB Click [*]
'Sets' an action. After moving or doing something LMB Click is used to 'set' the action in place. For example, a moved object stays placed relative to it's position when you...
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