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Making the Connection 1 Jose Fernandez 9th Guitar

Science: Find out more about how early moviemakers were able to combine voices and music on a soundtrack.Compare what you have learned to what you know or learned in Chapter 17 about current sound recording technology.

A/ They used soundtracks to add music and voices in films butwhat they made was make the voice overlap the music so that it could be heard better.

Theatre: Listen to the soundtrack of a Popular film and pay particular attention to thelyrics and mood of each musical selection. Use what you have learned about music in film to explain how the music gives continuity to the film.

A/ The music gives a mood to thefilm, in different ways, for example in a scary movie/ film a good music style would be thrill. Another example will be in an action movie, a suspense kind music should be used.Making Connection 2

Science: Find out more about an early pioneer in the field of electronic music or recording. What was that person’s contribution to the development ofelectronic music?

A/He contributed on creating new types of music like electro, techno and etc. This was a great discovery just because now in current days, the music we listento is this one.

Theatre: Working in groups, use electronic instruments or recording devices to create a mood piece for a short dramatic scene. Using a script, improvisationor simple pantomimes, add electronic or manipulated sound to create musical sound effects that reinforce your scene.

A/ I would make a scary movie that involves suspense andextreme scariness with that small scene I would add thrilling songs like Thriller from Michael Jackson or the Nightmare on Elm Street Sound track.