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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2010
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Part 1
This history takes place in Persia, a long time ago. It’s about two brothers, Cassim and Ali Baba. Cassim is a rich man, but Ali Baba is a poop woodcutter. He has to work very hard to take care of his wife and three children.
Wife: Ali Baba, there isn’t any food. What are we going to eat?
Ali Baba: Don’t worry. I’m going to the forest to cut some more wood. We’re going to sell it at themarket.
Ali Baba takes his axe and two big bags and goes to the forest. As he is cutting wood, he sees a cloud of dust far away. It is closer.
Ali Baba: What’s that you cloud? Oh, it isn’t a cloud, its men on horses! I must hide…
Ali climbs a tree, and soon after, forty men appear. They are riding horses and are carryings bags. The bags are full of treasure.
Ali Baba: I hope they don’t seeme! What are they doing here?
The captain of the thieves now stands in front of a big rock. He raises his arms and says some words.
Captain: Open, Sesame!
The rock suddenly opens. There is a cave behind it. The thieves take bags into the cave.
Part 2
The thieves go in and the rock closes behind them. Ali Baba is very afraid and he stays in the tree. Some time later, the rock opens again.
AliBaba: Oh, there they are again! Where are their bags?
The captain of the thieves stands in front of the rock again. He says some different words now and the rock closes.
Captain: Close, Sesame!
The thieves leave and Ali Baba is safe again. He climbs down and goes in front of the rock. He raises his arms like the captain, and says the magic words.
Ali Baba: Open, Sesame!
Ali Baba: oh there’s somuch gold here! This fantastic!
So, he fills his bags and goes home.
Part 3
Back home, Ali Baba puts his bags on the table. But his wife is angry.
Wife: What are you doing here, Ali Baba? You must go to the market to sell the wood!
Ali Baba: No, I don’t have to .Look here!
Ali Baba shows his wife the gold. She cannot believe her eyes.
Wife: Ali Baba! Where did youfind all this gold?
At that moment, Cassim and his wife suddenly arrive for a visit. Ali Baba and his wife are surprised. There isn’t time to hide the treasure.
Cassim’s wife: Cassim, look! Where did you find all this gold, Ali Baba?
Everyone wants to hear Ali Baba’s story. So, he tells them his secret.
Ali Baba: The treasure is in a cave in the forest. But a big rock hides the cave.
Cassim:I want some gold too! Tell me more about this cave.
Ali Baba: You must say,” Open sesame” to go in and “Close sesame” after you go out. That’s all. But de careful, Cassim. The thieves shouldn’t find you there.
Part 4
The next morning, Cassim goes to the forest. He stands in front of the rock and says the words, the rock opends.
Cassim: Open, Sesame!
Cassim goes into the cave and the rockcloses behind him. But he doesn’t care. The gold and the jewels shine brightly.
Cassim: Wow, There’s so much gold! I’m going to fill these bags and then come back for more
Cassim stars working hard. He fills his bags and sings happily.
Cassim: I’m rich, I’m rich, and I’m so rich! I’m the richest man in town! I’m the richest of the rich!
Cassim’s bags are full now and he’s ready to leave thecave.
Cassim: Now, what were the magic words?
He tries and tries, but he can’t remember the words the words. The rock is closed.
Part 5
Ali Baba and his family are having dinner. There is a knock on the door and Cassim’s wife comes in. She is very upset.
Ali Baba: What’s the matter?
Cassim’s wife: Ali Baba, I’m very worried about Cassim.
Cassim’s wife stars crying. Ali Baba gets up from thetable and goes to her.
Cassim’s wife: Cassim left for the forest early in the morning and he’s not back yet.
Ali Baba: I know where he is. I’m going to the forest to find him.
Ali Baba goes to the cave. There he discovers his brother – dead! The thieves found Cassim and killed him. Ali Baba takes his brother’s body back home. Morgiana, Cassim’s servant, helps him take care of everything....
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