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JIT manufacturing is defined in many ways, but the most popular in the elimination of all waste and continuous improvement and productivity.

Waste meansany thing other than the minimum amount of equipment, parts, space, material and workers time absolutely necessary to add value to the product. If any part of the chain does not add value for thecustomer, there is waste. Adding value to a product does not mean adding cost.

There are some causes of waste in each element of the product cycle:
a) Waste caused by poor product specification anddesign
b) Component standardization
c) Waste caused in Manufacturing

Toyota has identified seven important sources of waste of manufacturing. The first four relate to the design of themanufacturing system and the last three to the operation and management of the system:

1. The process
2. Methods
3. Movement
4. Product defects
5. Waiting time
6. Overproduction
7. Inventory

PokeYoke, implies the concept of removing faults at the first instance and making a process or product “foolproof”. Corrective actions should take place immediately after a mistake is made, which implies100% inspection as soon as an action occurs. This inspection can take three forms: a) Successive check, b)Self-check and c) Source inspection.

JIT Environment have many elements and characteristics:1. Flow manufacturing
2. Process flexibility
3. Total quality management
4. Total productive maintenance
5. Uninterrupted flow
6. Continuous process improvement
7. Supplier partnerships
8.Total employee involvement

Works cells: Products will be in the same family if the use common work flow or routing, materials, tooling, setup procedures and cycle time. Work stations can then setup in the miniature flow lines or work cells. Benefits of the works cells:
a) Lead times going through the cell are reduced drastically.
b) Production activity control and scheduling are...
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