Alice in wonderland

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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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Fabiola Elizabeth Santarriaga Reyes

It’s about a girl named Alice who was in her garden with her sister. The sister was teaching Alice History, butAlice was bored beacause the book had no Pictures. Suddenly she see a Rabbit running with a hurry, she is courious so she start to chase him. She falls into a big hole and she start thinking about manything while she falls. Then when she complety falls she see a loto f locked Doors, she started to search for the key and she found a little key, she proves that key with all the Doors but it didin’twork. Then she discovered a tiny door of 15 inches she unlocked the door but it was tos mall even for her head, then she see a little bottle that say. “DRINK ME” but Alice wasn’t stupid and she searchfor a label of poison. Then she drink the bottle and she became very small. She walk into the door but she remember that she forgot the key in the table, so she frustared and started crying, then sheeat a cake, at first the cake dosen’t work but when she finished the cake she grow very high.
Then she notices the White Rabbit again running nervously through the hall he dropped a fan and gloveson the floor. She took the fan and she start to moving then she relizes that she is becaming smaller every time so she dropped the fan and she fall into her “sea drops”. While she swim in her own tearsshe meets a French mouse which she has a conversation with him, then she follows a race of animals at the end of the sea. Then the animals and the rabbits left leaving alone Alice, Then she walkedand she found a house (the house of the Rabbit) she ge tinto the house and she found a bottle she drink it hopping she would be in with her originally size, Her wish come true but she didin’t fit in thehouse.then the Rabbit call “Mary Ann” and try to ge tinto his house but he couldn’t beacause alice “estrobar” in the door. Rabbit call emerncy but suddenly Alice found a cake she eat it, and se...
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