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  • Publicado : 31 de diciembre de 2010
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We are alone in this world? This is a simple question that all the people do. I will explain it in this essay. I was researching in several pages in internet and I found you arguments thatwhether or not aliens? Some people said that they saw flying saucers but that they really saw airplane or a balloon.
Years ago in a newspaper public that has an alien in New Mexico who fell and theorganization of men in black go to that place to collect the rest of the evidence of the accident and to talk with the persons that saw the death aliens. There are photographs of the autopsy of twoaliens and one of them was black and white, slender bodies, four fingers, heads and their large eyes, small nose holes and had a hairline by mouth. The NASA have occult the bodies of this visitors in aspecial room that they have in there’s quarters (1). Other thing that I research is that a man called James Noce who has an age of 72 year say all about the area 51, he said that in that place they notwork with any alien and they have that area to prove an airplanes but as we know if maybe they erased the memory of him? (2).
On July 8 of 1947, an alien striking in New Mexico but this time itstriking on the farm of Mark Brazel. Because of this, all the newspaper where saying that we have a visitor of an other planet. Additionally, the militias confirm what the newspaper said (3). Although, itcan be real or a fraud? Well the case of Roswell not will be the only exception of what ever hypothesis unbolts doubt. This will be a complot of the government to make the tourist go to that place andincrease they economic (4).
However, in Brasilia they saw flying saucers, too. Some take photos of it but can´t see well because is in the night. All only saw mysterious light that are in the sky.Also, they saw some signals of the visitors (5). I think that this are good reason to think that are someone or something out there but others people think that there are not aliens in the galaxy,...
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