All my sons, joe vs chris

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Like father, like son?

The relationship between father and son has being always complex and sometimes deeply complicated. Not only because the generational gap existing between father and sonseparates them but also for the idealistic view sons create toward their fathers. This complex relationship has been portrayed in many literary pieces of work; for instance, Arthur miller depicts inhis play All my sons, the corresponding bond existing between Joe Keller, the father, and Chris Keller, the son. Both Joe and Chris share something, they love their family; nevertheless they alsocontrast in some other fields like values and idealism related to self guilt.

First, the two of them expressly affirm loving their family. Joe Keller is portrait as a common family man who caresabout his family and has worked all his life in order to give them status and comfort, no matter the costs of it. Indeed he commits a crime in order to obtain money to his family, I did it for you, it wasa chance and I took it for you […] for you, a business for you"(2.70). In other words, he admits his crime but he protects himself from guilt by saying he did it for his family, especially for Chris.On the other hand, it is Chris, who is depicted as a man capable of immense affection and loyalty towards his family. “Anne: you are the only one I know who loves his parents/Chris: I know. I wentout of style, didn’t it?” (1. 33). For instance, he openly expresses he loves his father and it is not ashamed of it; however, they have a different prospective of the world.

Meanwhile, they seemto have contrasting ideals and values related to self guilt. Chris is more idealistic and does not care, about money as his father does; in fact, Joe tries to persuade him to put his name on thecompany he belongs; nonetheless Chris refuses this offer. "The business doesn't inspire me," (1. 17), he says. Alternatively, both of them are related to other people´s death. In the first place it is...
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