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  • Publicado : 10 de noviembre de 2010
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I wasn´t very lover to the Reading, I was always doing different things because like younger football, television and listening to music are the most commons hobbies in this age.
when I got in the university I had the fortune to know a great person and lover to the literature, thanks to him I started to introduce in this wonder world where I met who I consider my favorite author Edgar Allan Poe,because called my attention his life, his works and the influence that he has had in others authors.
Edgar Allan Poe was in born in Boston on January 19 of 1809 whose parents were both actors, it say that Poe´s name came from one theater work interpreted by his parents “the king Lear”, his life wasn´t easy because he was marked by events like abandon of his father when he was just one year oldin 1810 and his mother´s death one year after because of a tuberculosis. Poe was adopted for French marriage, he lived during some time in England where his studies started, and he was studying languages in Virginia´s University when he was 16 years old which would be expelled for breaking the rules of this university, then he would enter in the army and was there where published his first book andit passed unnoticed. Because of his bad habits the army expelled him and for the same reason Poe has big discussion with his adoptive father that left without heritage to Poe and this affect more this great author´s life.
Poe passed a lot of difficulties as a writer because in this age there wasn´t a law for the copyrights, Poe married with his young cousin Virginia Clemm who was 13 years old,then Poe worked in several journals thanks to the help of a friend of him where occupy positions as an editor and the chief of editorial office and so the couple got better their economic situation, the Poe´s dream was his own newspaper but he couldn´t get it.
Poe began to drink in an exaggerated way as a consequence Virginia´s ill, and she died in January 30 of 1847 and her death was because ofterribly ill tuberculosis, and this fact was the beginning of Poe´s death that would occur 2 years later. Days before his death Edgar Allan Poe was seen in a pitiful state and needed of help, this instant was remember for his phrase “God save my poor soul”, Poe was sent to the Washington College Hospital place where he died the October 7 of 1849 but his death causes never were revealed and todayit continue being a mystery although this fact is attributed to the alcohol intoxication.

Edgar Allan Poe wrote excellent Works charged great erudition and acuity, he has been one of the best writers of terror genre overshadowing others authors of the same age like Charles Maturín, also had big influence in the mystery genre and science fiction, his character August Dupin is considered thesketch of Sherlock Holmes form Arthur Conan Doyle that make referenced of Poe in his short tales. Although Poe was ignored for some author of the age and his style was considered unsuitable for an incipient nation like Unite States was, it prefer writer like Mark Twain, Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville y Ralph Waldo Emerson for their classic historical and romantic tone, howeverafter his death his works were well received in Europe, mainly in franc and in his own country.
The only one novel written by Poe was the narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym in which he shows too much macabre events, taking the gothic terror to a sea environment that made me think and analyze some of these events in a context of real life, for example one of the passages of the story that called myattention was when they decide for media of a coin to kill one of the crew for eating him and survive more days, taking an aspect as cruel of human nature as the cannibalism is. I think that Edgar Allan Poe as a poet was very important because he was too much depth with he wanted express, and I have had the opportunity to read “the raven and Annabel Lee” considers the best 2 of his poems and I...
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