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Robert Lee “Bob” Ewell is a character in the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. He is a rude, uneducated man that has a family, the Ewells that are an old, white family, that are stillconsidered outsiders in town society, which feeds Bob´s feeling of revenge and hate to the villagers of Maycomb.
Roberts, has an arrogant and selfish manner, and he spends all his money on drink insteadof helping his family, which make them always live in extremely poverty and gives the character another bad aspect, the thoughtlessness as the father figure.
At the same time, after reading BobEwell’s testimony in the court case we can understand that Bob abuses his family, Bob knows this, and this makes him cocky and arrogant about the whole affair. He is not only trying to hide his evidentviolence towards his daughter, but also to win some fame in the minds of his fellow townsmen, therefore in the court room, Bob hardly even tries to be formal, what show the reader the type of man that heis. Ewell is by no doubt one of the most hateful and loathsome characters that can be found in any story or book.
By other side, Harpers Lee fully shows Ewells as a negligible character through theentire book, with his cocky attitude and also sed various techniques to show the different angles of Bob Ewell’s hate-inspiring personality.

Boo Radley was the town mythical childhood legend whonever came out of his house, except at night, when he spied into windows and ate catsAfter supposedly stabbed his father in the leg with scissors, the judge of Maycomb wanted to send him to an asylum, butagain, Mr. Radley, his father refused. He wasn’t crazy and he wasn’t a criminal, either. So the town locked him in the county basement until Mr. Radley again took him home, where he lived as a totalrecluse. This fact, clearly show the reader how damaged and distant the relationship between this father and his son. Harpers Lee seems to be setting Boo apart as a contrast to the town and...
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