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* Compound Noun:
A compound noun is two or more word used as a single noun.
ej. As separate words; some are hyphenated; some are solid.
Jordan Jones, pilgrim’s progress
* Action verb:
anaction verb expresses physical or mental action.
ej. Walk, run, jump, and swim.
* Collective noun:
names a group, even in its singular form.
ej. Audience, class, family, flock, herd, team* Equals:

* Prep. Adj. N.

is a group of words that is used as one part of speech. A phrase does not contain a subject and verb.

hector is the boy with red hair (with redhair is the phrase. With is a preposition. Red is an adjective. Hair is a noun. The tree words is the phrase are used together to modify the noun boy; therefore, the group of words is used as one part ofspeech- an adjective.)
* Direct address:
5-a noun of direct address is the name of the person to whom a sentence is directed it is set off by commas.
ej: Did they tell you, Caleb when the planewill arrive?( the sentence is directed to Caleb. Caleb is the noun of the direct address.)

6-nouns of direct address may be compound.
ej: don’t sit down. Cooper and Preston, until the ladies areseated.
* Indirect object:
precedes the direct object and tells to whom or for whom, or what or for what the action of the verb is done

Ej. Dad bought a our car a new battery. (dad boughtwhat? Dad bought battery. Battery is the object. Dad bought for what the battery? Dad bought for the car a battery. Car is the indirect object.
Indirect objects can never be in prepositionalphrases.
I.O. D.O.
Adriana gave mom a new toaster . (mom is an indirect object
telling to whom Adriana gave the toaster.Notice that indirect
Object always comes between the action verb and the direct object.)

Adriana gave a new toaster to mom. (mom is not an indirect object in this sentence. Mom...
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