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The Clarkson Crime Family
The brothers.
Richard Clarkson was born in Manchester, England. He was born in , he was the only son of John and Lisa Clarkson, until years later, Zaen was born. They lived in a neighborhood know as the “Italian City”. The streets were full of Mafioso’s, who used to live from robbing and extortion.
Their whole family used to be mafia’s members. They father was anoutsider of a local mafia, named “The Sindacco Family” while their grandfather was a Capo of the Manchester’s La Cosa Nostra until he died.
Growing up.
The brothers used to hangout with their mom, since their father was always outside running his own “business”. Their mother tried to educate them very well… She told them that mafias were dangerous and a really bad way to win money.
They didn’thave many friends they weren’t allowed to spend much time outside.
The arrest.
In 1997, their father was arrested by the local police. The lawyer did his best to prevent John from being jailed, but he failed. John was jailed for 50 years, almost his whole life since he was 44 years old.
Lisa and the brothers were really angry. The mafia didn’t support them at all; they were poor and neededmoney. Richard and Zaen were sent to work in a factory, not too far away from their house.
They worked in the factory for a while, life started to be easier until one day… That day was the 28th of June, to be exact. The brothers came home after a long day of work, to found out a letter on the fridge. It said:

The brothers realized, then, that they were alone. The only thing thatthey had was their house and a little amount of money, enough to buy food for 5 days.
The mafia decided to help them, handing them some money every week. A few months later, they decided to work for the mafia. They became then official members of the Sindacco Family. They bought themselves a pair of elegant suits, and went on the street looking for money.
They walked for a couple of minutes, untilthey found their first work. A new business was being open. They entered the building and went to talk with the owner. They offered him a ‘protection’ for a few dollars… The man accepted it, knowing they were members of the mafia.
A few days later, they came in the same business again. This time they asked for a big amount of money, but the owner decided to kick them. Zaen punched the guy andRichard took out a .45 Colt from his belt. He shot the guy three times on his chest. Richard realized he killed the man, so he left the building running away while Zaen was behind him.
Kicked out
The police asked a few witness, and one of them knew Richard. The police started to look for the brothers. The mafia found out, and decided to kick them because the police knew they were members.
Theywere really scared; the mafia and the police were looking for them. They had no money to fly to another country so they stole a car and drove away.
Three days later, they were still driving on the highway. They didn’t have anywhere to go.
They decided to work on a little farm for a while. The farm was owned by an old man and it was placed in the middle of nowhere, a perfect place for a hideout.They worked there for a whole year, and won enough money to leave England. They bought some fake IDs and took a plane to a better future in the USA.
A new life.
The plane stopped at San Fierro. They went out and walked to the Train station. They took the first train to Flint Country.
They were still scared of the police. They heard they were on the 20 most wanted suspects of Manchester,England. They asked for work in a little farm, in the western part of Flint Country.
The farmer, a 60 year old man, was happy to hire them.
They worked there of a while, until they had around 20,000 dollars.
Moving on.
3 years have happened since the murder. They decided they shouldn’t keep running, so they moved to Los Santos.
They bought a house in Idlewood. Richard started working in a fuel...
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